The content of this page will be of interest to no more than half a dozen people, however, I’ve been asked to respond to the following matter.

It has recently come to be apparent that a handful of patriots that have been consistently supportive of direct democracy in the past and who previously helped me to promote it at no small personal cost to themselves, are no longer able to work within the Democrats and Veterans.

To answer the question I’ve been posed as to whether this is a temporary or permanent situation: the answer is that I am persuaded that this is indeed a permanent situation.

While some of these people have very useful skills and valuable political experience, and would be very well suited to other political organisations, it is very clearly apparent that they embrace an ethos that is not operationally compatible with that which I ask those volunteering to serve within decision-making roles with us, to embrace.

DV Leadership Ethos

The ethos of the party leadership is briefly summarised here, and while it may indeed happen that each of us at times contravenes this ethos, we, as a leadership team, are nonetheless committed to correcting any such departures and in always doing our utmost immediately to revert to the standards expressed in our ethos. Conversely, the consciences of those that have recently begun an alternative political course to us, evidently compel them to adhere to a very different ethos; one which is commonly found elsewhere within British politics and which it is not my business to criticise.

Further, I have been asked to respond to certain allegations made by those previously associated with me against those presently associated with me. My response is that the basis of my wish to continue to work with those I have appointed relates only to the degree to which I perceive that they are effective in promoting the aims and values expressed in our Constitution, and not to the degree to which these people conform to the moral standards that I aim (albeit, with variable success) to apply to myself.

My Opinion of the Executive Board

That said, I feel incredibly blessed to be able to work with the leadership team as it is now comprised. Some will know my fundraising activities require that I maintain commercial responsibilities that involve frequent travel to France, Italy, Greece, Bulgaria, Uganda, Tanzania and South Africa, and while I therefore have the privilege of working with some talented and extraordinary people from diverse backgrounds and cultures, I cannot recall working with such decent, selfless, committed, loyal and hard working people as some of those who presently constitute our leadership team.

To any that believe they are helping me by presenting me with a list of past wrongs either committed, allegedly committed, or attemptedly committed by those presently working with me, while I’m grateful for the motivation behind any wish to alert me to what they perceive to be the risks connected to my association with these people, I would ask that they please understand that I consider that I would be abusing my role to consent to be supplied with any information about the private lives of my political colleagues that they would not volunteer to supply to me themselves. I am therefore unable to look at any communications transmitted in any form, that discuss the private lives of others.

Thank you for your understanding.



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