The Democrats & Veterans Party was established, because as Veterans who have fought for this country, we can no longer tolerate the betrayal by the political elites of the very principles we fought for.

We cannot and will not tolerate the lack of opportunity for the hard working British people, where small businesses and skilled jobs are stifled by high taxation and burdensome regulations.

We cannot and will not tolerate our great NHS being placed into a state of ruin.

We cannot and will not tolerate our Armed Forces and Police being decimated by cuts and incompetent leadership, putting our people’s security at risk.

We cannot and will not tolerate our Veterans being persecuted in the name of appeasing our enemies.

We cannot and will not tolerate the carnage on the streets of our inner cities, caused by a “soft on crime” approach and weak political leadership.

We cannot and will not tolerate the fact that hard working families can’t afford to own their own home and a stake in our society.

We cannot and will not tolerate an open door immigration policy eroding our culture and overwhelming our public services and housing supply.

We cannot and will not tolerate the left wing indoctrination of our children in the education system which leaves them without the necessary life skills they need as a foundation for their career.

We cannot and will not tolerate a failed Energy policy that puts the cost of consumers heating their homes through the roof and stifles job creation in the sector.

We cannot and will not tolerate our crumbling transport infrastructure where hard working people struggle to commute to their places of employment and pay through the nose for doing so.

Our message is simple – The DVP believes in Britain.

We believe in an economy that encourages and rewards innovation, supporting small businesses and creating well paid skilled jobs. Napoleon once called us “a nation of shopkeepers” we want to return to the days where the UK is a bastion of opportunity, entrepreneurship and trade. By adopting a pro-business, pro-entrepreneur, pro-job creation approach, we can increase revenues significantly which will allow us to invest into our Public Services.

We believe in an NHS where there aren’t more pen-pushers than beds, where there aren’t huge PFI payments diverting money away from the front line, where the British people are skilled up to train as doctors and nurses and we don’t have to rely on importing people from abroad or expensive agency fees.

We believe we have the greatest Armed Forces in the world, but this can only be maintained if our boys have the correct equipment and numbers to do their job. We believe our Veterans need looking after, not persecuting after leaving the services.

We believe that the British people should feel safe walking down the street and would back the Police with sufficient resource to take a Zero Tolerance approach to crime and gang culture.

We believe that prison should be a punishment and deterrent and prison personnel should be properly supported.

We believe our Schools, Colleges and Universities should create life chances for all, regardless of background, with a huge focus on the technical skills people actually need in the 21st century to create opportunity and provide for their families.

We believe in Energy independence and innovation so that we create skilled jobs in the energy sector and not rely on foreign powers for our energy supply. We believe our people shouldn’t have to choose between heating and eating.

We believe commuters should be able to get to work efficiently and punctually without financially crippling ticket or petrol prices. We believe in fixing our nation’s infrastructure.

In summary – we believe in Britain and we believe in British Values. We believe in Sovereignty, Safety and Security, Opportunity, Hard Work and Public Sector Efficiency.

We stand at a cross roads in history.

As voters, do you want more of the same failed policies of the last fifty years, or do you want a strong, prosperous Britain that stands up for the safety and personal development of her people?

Love democracy?

Join the DVP

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