Why am I here?

For those that enjoy Internet access, DV Connect is the cornerstone of nearly everything that we do in the party. It is the principal means by which members express their will and vote on policy and procedures. And it is the platform by which we identify members of like-mind and who possess the skills needed to assist campaign efforts that we’re engaged in or which we’re planning to initiate.

Anonymous user names

In the interests of maintaining privacy and avoiding unnecessary personal conflict, we ask all members to engage on DV Connect via the use of non-identifying user names. Once you apply for a DV Connect profile, two user names will be created for you and details will be sent to you by email. Please only sign-in to DV Connect with your overt user name when wanting to update and maintain your DV Connect profile. For voting and discussions, please sign-in with your anonymous user name.

Before you sign up…

We would like all our members to sign-up to DV Connect, but would firstly alert you to the following:

  • Fellow Democrats and Veterans members will be able to see the information you supply on the DV Connect profile that we will create for you, using the information you supply in the form below, so please do no not provide any information that you are not happy to become public.
  • When asked to detail a meeting point, please do not provide your home address. Please choose a nearby pub, café or restaurant
  • People who have passionate views on issues can get worked up and say more than they mean. If provoked, please remember that if someone is a fellow member, he or she is not the enemy, and try to show some respect, humility and humour in your dealings with them, however they choose to treat you.
  • If you become involved in a dispute please bear in mind our organisation’s ethos: we are here to serve and to win people over to our cause. It is generally more winsome to be courteous and respectful and to show that you genuinely care about the person and their (often temporary) views, than to prove to the world beyond any doubt that you are definitely right in what you say. Dogmatic people are seldom very convincing.

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