Our Spokesmen

Neville Watson

Spokesman for Cities, Urban Communities and Sport

Married to Bobbette, his wife of 32 years, and blessed with three children, Neville grew up in Hackney, London. In addition to his role in politics, Neville serves from time to time as a sales and marketing director, a business consultant, an international corporate trainer / life and performance coach, and a family and youth counsellor and mentor.

Neville is known for challenging the established political status quo persistently. Neville’s vision for DV is to spearhead a new movement, a renaissance, that seeks to revive and rekindle social values of democracy aligned to integrity and moral fortitude.

Ian Gorman

Spokesman for The Economy

Ian is a Direct Democracy Campaigner who wants to see key decisions taken directly by the electorate, not by elitist MPs. After 16 years in Texas, where he worked as a local government Assistant Budget Director, he champions low taxes and small government as the recipe for economic growth and prosperity. Returning to the UK he joined the fight for our freedom from the EU.

Regan King

Spokesman for Families

Regan King holds a Theology degree from The University of Highlands and Islands and will draw on much experience in his role as Spokesman for Family. He is a church pastor, a company communications officer, an activist in bioethical issues and the nuclear family, and a writer. He desires to see a democratic British society that values objective truth and justice and is devoted to pursuing this in his responsibilities.

James Cole

Spokesman for Energy

James has worked in the renewable energy industry for 18 years and is driven by a national ambition to make Britain energy-independent. James would like to consult the membership and eventually the nation with respect to their priorities and attitudes in this regard, as well as presenting evidence of the respective pros and cons of deriving energy from wind turbines, hydropower, fracking and solar, versus harnessing Britain’s reserves of traditional sources of energy – coal, oil and gas. To share your ideas with James in the area of energy efficiency and independence, please email james.cole@dvparty.uk.

Daniel Oxley

Spokesman for Culture

Daniel is a music graduate and he taught music and religious studies in a wide variety of schools including state and independent schools, and British international schools overseas. He now works in tourism, specialising in tours featuring opera performances. Outside of this work he serves as a school governor, he accepts occasional engagements as a pianist and cellist. He started campaigning for the UK to leave the EU in 1993.

Rachel Oxley

Spokesman for Education

Rachel has devoted her entire working life to education and she is currently the Principal of a leading non-denominational Christian school, a post she has held for twenty-five years. Her particular educational interests are in Early Years and having joined Mensa in the early 1980s, she also has a focus on the teaching of gifted and talented children. She is also chairman of a local community centre, a church warden, a church chorister and is involved with local charities.

Ian Plover

Spokesman for Disabilities

Ian will campaign for the Democrats and Veterans to become national pioneers for the cause of those with disabilities in Britain. Ian seeks to achieve greater understanding on the part of the British people, of those who are disabled, and for their ability to live without fear of prejudice or marginalisation. Ian will fight for greater support and care of the many whose grievances currently go unaired, and for the provision of essential local infrastructure wherever there is genuine proof of need. To work with Ian towards our objectives in this area, please email ian.plover@dvparty.uk.