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We hope that the two websites, DV Party (ie. this one) and DV Connect, are reasonably user-friendly. However, some of the roles these sites are designed to perform necessitate things working a little differently to what you may be used to on other interactive websites. We are therefore working on clarifying issues that arise by detailing answers to questions that other members have raised that may well apply to you also.

1. Using DV Connect – Why Two User Names?

Q. “Hi! I joined DV connect on xxx with a user name xxx. I set up my profile and was able to access and view these details with no issues. I can now access my profile info from the DV Connect page, but can’t edit anything or see my profile info to edit when I click on my name…”

A. Each user needs two accounts: overt and covert.

The overt account is for maintaining the member’s profile. This has been created for you by us. The covert account is for voting and discussions. The reasons for this account being covert are:

a) to respect the principles of the secret ballot and prevent conflict between people who do not share one another’s views

b) to allow all votes to be recorded openly for all members to see, so as to safeguard against accusations that may materialise later that the results of voting have been tampered with.

We create these accounts for you using your responses on the DV Connect profile request form.

2. Hacked Accounts?

Q. I got an email saying someone tried to change my password. Has my account been hacked?

A. If this happened around the time of 22nd – 23rd February 2018, the answer is almost certainly no. Some members received automatically generated emails that were triggered when we merged the DV Party and DV Connect databases. The error was caused because we inadvertently indexed the User ID field rather than the User Email field. This temporarily meant that email addresses were replaced. This was rectified quickly but required many members to request a password reset to regain access to DV Connect.

3. Trouble signing into DV Connect

Q. I’m having trouble logging on to DV Connect. Could you reset my password and send me the link? Thanks!

A. Please use this link to reset your password:

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