Launch Venue Update

Having booked and paid for the usage of the Gascoigne Room at the Union Jack Club, and in spite of the Party Leader, Party Chairman and Deputy Leader all being subscribed members, we were very recently advised that the Union Jack Club would be unable to host our launch. Vice Admiral Sir Fabian Malbon KBE wrote to us explaining the following:

I am writing to you as the President of the Union Jack Club, and Chairman of Trustees, to explain to you why the Trustees have decided that your booking of the Gascoigne Room for the launch of the Democrats and Veterans should be cancelled.  I regret the inconvenience, but the CEO and I have taken direction from the Trustees of the Club, following the guidance at Para 9 of the Charity Commission Handbook:


“Turning down unsuitable organisations: a charity may decline to allow a particular organisation or individual to use its premises because the organisation’s aims or an individual’s activities would conflict with the charity’s purposes, or because of the risk of public disorder or of alienating the charity’s beneficiaries or supporters.”

We would have liked to have provided attendees with details of the alternative launch venue earlier but were advised that were we to make public the details of the new venue, there would be a risk that elements within other political parties that would prefer us not to exist may have leveraged their influence to disrupt our launch.

The alternative venue that we have selected is situated as closely as we were able to find availability, to the Union Jack Club and hope therefore that no-one will be inconvenienced significantly by the change.

What To Do Now

Please complete the short form to the right to confirm that you are aware of the new location of launch this evening.

New Venue

Location: London Marriott Hotel County Hall

Timings for This Evening

1800: Attendees will be admitted to the venue. Please ask the receptionist to direct you to the conference room to be used for the new party launch.

Approximate anticipated speaker timings and running order

1830: Opening address by Chairman
1833: Spokesman for Veterans
1839: Address by new councillor on the imminent local elections
1845: Spokesman for Students
1851: Address on ‘How to Beat the Establishment’

1856: BREAK

1915: Special address by Guest Speaker 1
1921: Special address by Guest Speaker 2
1927: Address on ‘The Need for a New Political Party’
1933: Address by the Party Leader

1955: END

At this point those wishing to chat to key people within the DV Team are encouraged to walk to the Horse and Stables pub, 500 metres east of the launch venue, where we anticipate having drinks and informal discussion. Please introduce yourselves to one another while awaiting arrival of spokesmen and key people at 2040.


2000 – 2030: Spokesmen and key people will be available for short interviews with representatives from media at the back of the event room.

Walking Route from Union Jack Club

After the Launch

After the launch it is anticipated that members of the key team will walk 500 metres east to The Horse and Stables for drinks from 2040 to 2130. Please go on ahead of the team and buy drinks for yourselves.

Walking Route from Launch Venue to Horse and Stables