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For many, many years – long before he understood the first thing about politics – John’s vision has been to help in whatever way opportunity afforded, to turn our nation from its present wrong course towards a beautiful, righteous, prosperous, proud, free and independent future. JRE envisages a Britain in which the power of a corrupt, usurping élite is wrested away from our present political class and handed to the people – those that our ancient and democratic Constitution mandates are the rightful possessors of that power.


Party Chairman

Gavin spent 24 years in the British Army, is both Para and Commando trained, and rose from the rank of Private to Regimental Sergeant Major. Completely undauntable, there is no challenge that he will baulk at. Gavin will be an extremely significant driver behind the rapid and cohesive growth throughout the length and breadth of Great Britain and Northern Ireland that we believe you are about to witness.

Ian Gorman

General Secretary


Ian is a Direct Democracy Campaigner who wants to see key decisions taken directly by the electorate, not by elitist MPs. He holds an M.B.A. from the University of Nebraska at Omaha, a B.Sc. from the University of Glasgow and is a Fellow of the Chartered Management Institute. After 16 years in Texas, where he worked as a local government Assistant Budget Director, he champions low taxes and small government as the recipe for economic growth and prosperity. Returning to the UK he joined the fight for our freedom from the EU.

James Dalton

Party Secretary


James is a professional engineering consultant, business owner and political columnist. James grew up in Yorkshire where he has worked and lived, raising two sons. Motivated by the opportunity for the UK to leave the EU, James got involved actively in politics in pursuit of an independent UK; to fight for liberty and to fight against authoritarianism and political corruption.

Allison Evans

Party Treasurer

Ally was born and grew up in South Africa but spent most of her life in the UK. Mother of 3 children, she works full time from home, spanning the tourism and beauty industries. She worked for an IFA in Bideford (Devon) for 4 years, during which time she obtained certificated qualifications in UK Financial Law and Regulations and the Financial Advice giving process (CEFA I). Prior to that she worked as a bookkeeper for a large company after studying bookkeeping from home through Mid-Kent College. She enjoys working with figures and solving problems.

Vicky Felton

Nominating Officer


Whilst in the British army Vicky was employed as a postal clerk dealing with all manner of scenarios across the world, learning to work well under extreme pressure and in difficult situations. She has been on operational tours in Bosnia, The Falklands, Iraq and Afghanistan. In Afghanistan, she was employed as a female searcher – an incredibly stressful job but one in which she thrived. Since leaving the Army she has motivated fundraising activities for the local school and worked with vulnerable children in various children’s homes.

John Lowcock

Policy Director

John’s experience chairing meetings goes back to his early engineering student days, becoming chairman of the Student Union Athletics Council. Following graduation, he became self employed and chairman of several limited companies throughout his working life. In the 1980’s he attended The Sheffield Business School and gained an MBA, specialising in Organisational Strategy & Decision Making. Following this, he set up and developed an organisation delivering government funded training contracts. Until joining DV he was Sheffield Branch and County Chairman for another political party.

Stephen Crosby

Campaigns Director


Stephen is originally from Northern Ireland, he is married and has two daughters.
He has been involved in voluntary community activity for 10 years engaging with the police, community groups, business traders, local government agencies and political representatives, and is a trustee of a volunteer-only community group. Having campaigned in parish, district, county and parliamentary elections in England, combined with council and Assembly elections in Northern Ireland, Stephen draws upon a wealth of campaigning experience.

Neville Watson

Training Director

Neville has been actively involved as a social / community activist for over 30 years, often fighting against the odds for social justice and equality. He has supported numerous community start-ups and SME’s. His youth academy provides mentoring, workplace training and counselling. He combines corporate skills with a community conscience.

Thomas Flynn

Social Media Director

Thomas received a Masters degree in Marketing Communications and has a keen interest in relationship marketing, social media marketing and brand awareness strategies. His ambitions include growing our social media following to enormous proportions through creating relevant content underpinning our powerful message.

John Bloom

Marketing Director

John’s ambition for the Democrats and Veterans is to have 100,000 subscribed members by 2020. John has served in a wide array of marketing roles and is very much results driven. He wields a broad range of marketing skills that include social media marketing techniques, landing pages that guide towards definite action, and compelling copy that prioritises what’s salient.

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