Little Englander, Xenophobia, yearning for Empire etc. or could this be said another way – Proud to be British and dubious about such strange bedfellows as de Gaulle, who in 1967 refused the UK entry to the EEC on the grounds that our economy was too weak. The same sentiments repeated in 2011 by Sarkosy, who, in umbrage about a disagreement on the new European treaty called our Prime Minister an ‘Obstinate kid’ because he had listened democratically to the reservations of our politicians’ business men and citizens. Very non Eurocratic and this from a country which is now aided and abetted by a country which led us into two global conflicts at a cost of tens of thousands of our citizens lives both military and civilian.

Thankfully we are not in the Eurozone, although they were asking us for £25 Billion from our weak economy to help the poor Greeks, Portuguese, Italians, Spanish, Lithuanians, and Bulgarians etc. etc. Far from our economy being worse off if we left the EU, we would be considerably better off.
Please remember that ever since our involvement with the EU, Europe has got a lot more out of us than we have got out of them.

Many British politicians wanted Britain to join the Euro. The Liberal Democrats still do. Countries which adopted the Euro are now in dire straits. Greece is ruined. Irish homeowners are almost £1 billion in negative equity. Italy has been downgraded. Spain is at risk. Bailouts for the struggling Eurozone countries threaten the entire world banking system. And now the EU is begging for loans from China; that won’t work either.

Millions goes missing in Brussels. The EU has made millionaires out of failed politicians. MPs’ expenses scandals are nothing compared to the scams and dodges that make your money disappear, including private flights, limousines, five star hotels. The EU has only just found a firm of auditors willing to sign off its accounts. Don’t take my word for it, go to Brussels, and see for yourself.

Don’t believe the scare stories about ‘being on the outside’ when we leave the EU. Switzerland and Norway are not members but they still trade hugely with the EU. They also have the highest standards of living in Europe. Britain already trades with the world, Europe only accounts for 9% of world trade and anyway, geographical proximity to markets nowadays is almost irrelevant.
The UK is the world’s sixth largest economy. Most of our trade is outside the EU, with the Far East, Middle East, the USA and the Commonwealth. By contrast, the EU is in decline and deep in debt. We buy more from the EU than it buys from us and it badly needs our business.

London is one of the most important financial centers in the world, which is why the EU wants a slice of it. Taxes raised from London are one of our biggest and most vital sources of national income, presently around £52 billion a year. But the EU wants to impose a ‘financial transaction tax’ on The City, which will simply drive businesses away, to other centers outside the EU. 50,000 jobs are at stake. They say it will only be a small percentage but remember VAT to fund the EEC started at 5%, it is now 20%.

The new EU Diplomatic Service is another example of EU madness, with an annual budget of £8 billion, duplicates existing national embassies around the world. There will soon be EU missions in Barbados (46 lucky staff), Burkina Faso in Africa and Vanuatu in the Pacific. EU money already subsidises French colonies in South America and several Caribbean islands. The effective head of the EU Diplomatic Service, was Labour’s Baroness Ashton, is the highest paid female politician in the world, on £328,000 a year.

The people of the UK voted to leave this anti-democratic cabal on 23rd June 2016 and our corrupted political classes have not undertaken the instructions of the people. Join with us, the Democrats & Veterans, who will implement the will of the people and bring power back to the people of the UK through Direct Democracy.

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