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Britain’s democracy has been hijacked by vested interests and the anti-British agenda of a corrupt political class. Our present system of so-called Representative Democracy has proven time and again to produce the same outcomes, outcomes that do not serve the interests of the British people.

If Britain is to return to being a proud, strong, free, prosperous and righteous nation, our only hope is to replace Representative Democracy with Direct Democracy, a system in which the people, not our political class, have the power to vote through good legislation and reject bad laws.

The Democrats and Veterans are committed to achieving this overhaul and ensuring that Britain’s Judeo-Christian values are restored and defended, and that our nation’s Constitution is preserved, together with all the liberties and safeguards it confers.

If you share our aims and values and you want to be a part of the change we seek, and if you possess the skills and qualities we detail, please apply to work with us.

Roles are Voluntary

All roles described on this page are voluntary and not remunerated. Motivation to serve should be entirely that of desiring to serve Britain and to contribute in a significant way towards the transfer of powers from an uncaring and contemptuous élite, to those within our nation who care enough to vote on legislation passing before Parliament.

Description of Roles

Candidates will be asked to write their own proposed role descriptions. Where descriptions of all roles for which suitable candidates are found leave a skills vacuum, subsequent roles will be created for which descriptions of roles that address existing shortfalls will be published.

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