Ladies and Gentlemen of Great Britain, you can no longer sit on your laurels waiting for Brexit to happen – it won’t. Theresa May has sold her soul to the EU, and with it, every member of this nation. In her betrayal, she has broken every law of our constitution, which is set in stone, in perpetuity. You cannot trust this vile woman with your children.

You need a party whose only aim is to bring real democracy back to the UK, real democracy that you control, not the corrupt lying politicians currently sitting in the House of Commons. They don’t care what you think, need, want; they only care for themselves and their perks.

Democrats and Veterans Party are committed to bringing you that democracy; to bringing you the change needed to implement your ideas and changes. We will make our Brexit: a clean break, no payments, no deals. The money saved from this will put the NHS back on their feet to a standard higher than before; and we’ll still have change to house every homeless person.

The Police will be re-manned so they can do their jobs they are paid to do, not at the beck and call of politicians. Fire and Ambulance services re-manned, Hospitals re-opened and fully staffed.

The borders will be shut to all illegals, and current illegals will be transported back to their homelands.

If this does not interest you in the slightest; if you’re not a patriot; if you don’t care about your country; if you don’t mind your children losing their freedoms, then go ahead, vote for the Tories and Liebour, and watch your country disappear into a cesspool. Just remember these words when that time comes.

The DVP needs your votes to make this happen.

Interested? Read our manifesto and become a member; we all need help one way or another.

Love democracy?

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